A bathroom space saver is the ideal addition to a smaller bathing area but even larger rooms could use the item too. There are many designs and styles that can suit just about any interior bathroom decorating idea that you have. Finding a good bathroom space saver can be a little tricky, though.

It is usually a good idea to find products for your home that are proven to stand the test of time. This is particularly important in your kitchen and bath. These two rooms are the most important areas when it comes to the value of your home. Items like a bathroom space saver should be made of durable quality material.

I learned the hard way about choosing price overvalue. I bought a cheap bathroom space saver that needed to be replaced within a matter of months. Ironically, the bath furniture wasn’t waterproof. Since I have a smaller bath the item got a few splashes of water on it from time to time.

The splashes of water that were not immediately addressed wound up working their way under the paint. The moisture warped the bathroom space saver and it also removed some of the paint. That astounded me because I assumed that bath furniture would naturally be designed to withstand water especially considering the area.

The warped bathroom space saver wound up in a heap on a pile of wood used for our annual bonfire. Never, under any circumstances, buy bathroom furniture that is made out of pressed board and is not sealed with a water-resistant paint or stain. The cheap item wound up being a complete waste of money.

The good thing about the whole experience is that I got an opportunity to explore other options in this product. Instead of choosing a floor unit, we chose a bathroom space saver that mounts to the wall. I love the new product and I love the extra floor space.

Whether you choose a bathroom space saver that hangs on the wall or whether you choose an item that sits on the floor you have a lot of choices to make. Items that mount to the wall come in an array of styles and designs and floor models can either sit conveniently above the commode or they can be free-standing.

Deciding which unit would be the best for our home did take a little while but it was well worth the wait. If you are willing to put in a little time and invest a little money you can find the perfect bathroom space saver for your home.

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