As the Christmas holidays approach each year, it’s time to turn one’s mind to presents for family and friends. More people are buying on Internet sites but a lot of people prefer to browse around the shops, looking at the decorations and soaking up the festive atmosphere. It can be difficult to choose for everyone and store vouchers are always appreciated if you are really stuck for a Christmas gift idea. There are Christmas catalogs too that offer good quality items at affordable prices and you can select in the comfort of your home, beating the crowds.

Traditional presents for men tend to include aftershave, socks, or sporting goods. A more unusual spin can be put on these, such as novelty golf balls or cartoon character socks. There are also boxed sets of wine and cheese or bottles of whisky in presentation cases. Sports lovers will also appreciate a book of the most challenging golf courses or a history of baseball or football.

Toiletries and cosmetics are always a good stand by for the lady in your life. A bottle of perfume, especially if it’s her favorite scent, will not go to waste. Only give chocolates to those ladies who are not dieting. A DVD of a romantic comedy is another good Christmas gift idea. Anything with Hugh Grant or George Clooney is bound to be enjoyed!

Experience Gifts have become very popular these days. They may include something that the recipient has wanted to do for a long time, such as going up in a hot air balloon or driving a race car. Adventure packs are popular with people wanting a challenge. There is even one for going down in a cage to observe sharks! For the less adventurous, a day at a health spa would be welcome. Some experiences will spark new hobbies such as falconry, game fishing, or clay pigeon shooting. A year’s subscription to someone’s favorite magazine is another worthwhile Christmas gift idea.

Children, of course, love Christmas and the hard work is worth doing when seeing the look on their faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning. There are countless toys on the market and the more traditional wooden toys are becoming more popular each year. Educational toys are available, such as chemistry sets and alphabet games for younger children. Storybooks are favorites too as a Christmas gift idea, especially classic fairy tales and modern authors such as Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.

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